Puddle Pod by Batko.

Puddle Pod is your full work and life productivity onboarding suite

Cohort kick-off: 24 Aug 2022


NEW: Bring your own Pod and save $100 per person.

Bring two (or more) friends to form a Pod to hold each other accountable throughout the 5 week program.


It’s like being handed the ultimate playbook to amplify your work-life productivity.

So much of the hard work has already been done for you.

Noga Edelstein Founder, Investor, Advisor, Director


I consider myself a productivity optimisation nerd and have honed my skills over my 40 years.

Puddle Pod was the best level-up I’ve had in the last decade.

Michael Fox Founder, Fable Food



It’s like a productivity wiki with a personal support crew.

Every time I revisit the content I discover something new.

Luke Wenban Founder, Vanlife Masterclass


Lifehack on steroids...

...taking me to 100, faster than any other option.

Ariane Barker Non-Executive Director I Angel and Venture Investor


Puddle Pod Pricing

Full Course Experience

  • Once-off payment
  • 5-week cohort
  • Weekly accountability Pod of 5x Puddlers

New: Bring your own Pod (2 or more friends) and save $100 each.

Hold each other accountable throughout the 5 week program.  


Once-off payment


Whole Company

On request

  • Join as a group and upgrade together

5 Day Crash Course


  • Once-off payment
  • Self-guided
  • Starts every Monday

Self-guided Content


  • Once-off payment
  • Self-guided
  • The full content broken into 5 parts

Puddle Pod Packages

1. Full Course Experience

$499 once-off

Puddle Pod is a community first.

To enjoy the full experience, join a 5-week cohort of ~100 Puddlers. You’ll be part of a Pod of 5x Puddlers who get together virtually weekly for 45mins to talk through the Content, Homework for Accountability, and share Tips & Tricks along the way. The community keeps growing and you’ll be part of a 200+ Alumni network who keep sharing their productivity insights.

The cohorts kick off each quarter - mid-January, April, July, and October.

  • The experience is powered by Notion and Slack.
  • This is a roughly ~2-2.5 hour / week time commitment for 5 weeks.
  • You’ll get as much out of the experience as you put in.

Note: content is focused on MacBooks and Google product suite (not Microsoft).


For 5 weeks you’ll be digesting one theme starting with cleaning up your Mental Capacity, Social Structures and on to Personal and Business Productivity.


Each week’s content will come with question prompts for you to implement what you learned in your life. You’ll be building out your own profile with the homework so you can retain and come back to the best tips and tricks you liked.


You’ll be grouped in a Pod of 5x Puddlers who are matched to you based on interests. Your Pod will be your weekly Accountability mechanism to read the content, do the homework, share tips and tricks, and meet some great people along the way.

2. Self-guided Content

$199 once-off

This offering has the full content without the social element and accountability of the Cohort option.

Be warned it is a fair bit of content to get through by yourself, so you’ll need to keep yourself accountable. This option is best if you don’t want to commit 2 hours / week for the Cohort option of Puddle Pod and you want the full benefit of the content straight away.

  • The experience is powered by Notion.

Note: content is focused on MacBooks and Google product suite (not Microsoft).


There are 5 core themes starting your cleaning up your Mental Capacity, Social Structures to Personal and Business Productivity.

Available Forever

You’ll have access to the full content straight away and for as long as you want to.

On Your Schedule

You get to digest and work through the content in your own time. You can binge-read it or stretch it out over weeks or months.

3. 5 Day Crash Course

$99 once-off

This is optimal for onboarding new startup employees or if you’re after the key productivity hacks.

The tailored option to get the most out of your MacBook, Gmail, To-do list etc in 5 quick hits. The 5-day crash course is tailored for a daily email with the most important things to set you up for success. It is a selection of the full content but adjusted for maximum impact to get you started or upgrade what you already have.

  • The experience is powered by a daily Email and Notion.
  • The 5-day Crash Course runs every Monday to Friday.
  • If you’re a company and would like to set this up as part of your employee onboarding >> hit me up on michibatko@gmail.com and I’ll set it up to make the process seamless.

Note: content is focused on MacBooks and Google product suite (not Microsoft).


This will get you set up on your MacBook, Chrome, Gmail, Slack, Trello, and Calendar planning.

5 Days

This experience is tailored for a daily email from Monday to Friday.


This content is made for maximum impact and will take ~20mins / day to read and implement.

Content Overview

Onboarding Week - Cohort Kick-off via Zoom (1h)

  • Kick-off of Puddle Wars ⚔️ >> each Puddler sets themselves a habit for the upcoming 5 weeks and the Pods compete against each other to build consistent habits.
  • Week 1 - 🧠 Life Audit // Brain - brain de-cluttering to simplify your life
  • Week 2 - 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Life Audit // Social - setting up structure and boundaries for your social world
  • Week 3 - 🚘 Cockpit - getting the main systems ready (Gmail, Trello, Slack)
  • Week 4 - ✈️ Plane - optimising your workspace (MacOS, Calendar, Chrome, G Docs/Sheets)
  • Week 5 - 👩‍✈️ Pilot - create your habits, rhythms, organise your week, take care of yourself

Final Week - Graduation ceremony via Zoom (1h)

Bonus Content

  • Managing a Team 👯‍♀️ Crew - giving you the tools to manage a team, culture, and 1:1 meetings
  • Business Setup - 🚂 Engine Room - setting up your principles, slack + meeting structure
  • Business Operations - ⚙️ Engine - everything else for your business - CRM, FinOps, Product


  • Bonus Content - is included in both the cohort and content-only versions. You can work through that whenever you like.
  • 5 Day Crash Course - is a tailored selection from (mostly) Week 3, 4, and 5.


Meet the Puddlers

We're now 200+ Puddlers.


Puddlers are all chosen based on their self-awareness and desire for self-improvement.

The beauty of the community is that everyone shares their Tips & Tricks, as well as includes it as content for future Puddle Pod cohorts.


Puddlers reward useful contributions with 🌮 s.

So the community as well as the wealth of knowledge keeps growing.

Hear from Puddlers

  • Blogpost - Benjemen Elengovan (cohort 4) summarised his learnings from Week 1.
  • Article - Vela Georgiev (cohort 3) wrote about her Puddle Pod experience.
  • LinkedIn - Danielle Seymour (cohort 3) implemented the Gmail tips from Week 3.

Cohort NPS

Find every single piece of alumni feedback here.

Cohort 1

NPS 75

14 Puddlers

Cohort 2

NPS 76

42 Puddlers

Cohort 3

NPS 78

73 Puddlers

Cohort 4

NPS 89

77 Puddlers


Who are you, Batko? Why are you creating Puddle Pod?

I'm a Learning Enthusiast. I love feedback, learning new things, pushing my limits and comfort zone. Productivity is one manifestation of that. I asked myself how can I push the boundaries to do as many things in the shortest time possible? Why? Because being fast is fun. Being fast compounds. And being fast allows you to spend more time and energy on other things you enjoy more. There was no specific time I started to be productive. I genuinely believe it's a manifestation of curiosity coupled with the drive for improvement.

Now, I'm the CEO of Startmate - the epicentre for startup ambition in Australia and New Zealand. The reason I joined Startmate was to help as many founders as possible. We're now investing in ~30-40 startups a year and have hundreds of fellows joining startups, who I love helping. This productivity course eventuated from the same vein, to scale me and help even more people. So I decided to compile all resources in one place and make them accessible to the world.

What’s the time commitment?

The time commitment will be 2 to 2.5 hrs per week for 5 weeks.

  • Content and homework: 0.5 to 1 hr
  • Weekly call with your Pod: 1 hr
  • Sharing with the cohort over Slack: 0.5 hr

Do I need any tools?

For the Cohort Course – just an internet connection to chat to your Pod. The whole Cohort Course is run over Slack and the homework is in Notion.

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